Allow my Law Firm to represent your child. In many ways, the Juvenile Court treats juveniles more harshly than they would if an adult had been charged with the same crime. After decades of defending adults and juveniles, it is completely evident that you are in a better position as a parent if you retain a qualified experienced attorney to fight for your child. You would want to ensure your child’s promising future is not unfairly impacted in such a negative way resulting in unemployment or having to change a life long dream such as a desired career. Some juveniles desire to serve their country by enlisting in the Armed Services such as the Army, Navy, Marines, or the Air Force.

The Law Offices of Charmaine Druyor fights on behalf of juvenile offenders charged with a criminal offense and is familiar with the typical forms of leniency, harshness, alternative resolutions, and legal procedures that can help young clients resolve their case and take the steps needed toward a productive future. Your child may be completely innocent, or innocent of some or most of the charges.

Often the alleged crime occurs on a school campus and your child has been or will be asked to attend Independent Studies. Although many still graduate by completing education requirements through these alternative schools, for many parents, this is a devastating move because they want their child to finish their education and attend the graduation ceremony at their regular school.

It has been said that the Juvenile Courts are focused on rehabilitating juvenile offenders, however, pleading guilty to certain charges doesn’t correlate with such belief. The Firm will sit down with your family and discuss a plan to help resolve the case in the best way possible. If the Juvenile Court system was really indeed primarily interested in rehabilitation, looking out for his or her best interest,  then you would not need legal representation. Indeed, the Courts are far too harsh with young offenders offering deals that include pleading guilty to charges that impact their future unfairly. However, having a plan in place to minimize the consequences will make all the difference in the world. Call now for a complimentary consultation.

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