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Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prosecuted very aggressively in Orange County. The penalties for DUI are much more severe now than in previous years. The firm has successfully represented clients charged with DUI on a daily basis.

You need an experienced attorney who has fought thousands of misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. Most of our referrals come from clients who have been satisfied with the manner in which their case was resolved. Call the firm to make an appointment to learn how we can best represent you and keep you out of jail. Other websites give detail after detail about all criminal defenses. This firm has taken a different approach.

You may not want to be bombarded with all the elements of each and every crime given on a website. It is our goal to get you interested enough to call the firm so you may discuss your case with an attorney personally. If you are going to retain an attorney, you may as well leave everything to an experienced attorney to alleviate the tremendous stress you may be undergoing.

Place your life in the hands of someone who has the experience to handle your case, and take the pressure off you.

What is driving under the influence?

Driving under the influence is operating a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol or drugs, to the extent that one’s ability to operate the vehicle is impaired. In California, if the driver’s blood-alcohol level is 0.08% or above, he or she is believed to be driving under the influence, otherwise known as 23152(b) of the vehicle code.

You may also be convicted of DUI if you are under the influence of any drug, whether a controlled substance, prescription medication, or marijuana. Often one is charged with driving under the influence of a prescribed medication that is or is not prescribed to them personally. The issue is whether or not the medication impaired their ability to drive.

There are two sections under the most common DUI: 1) Driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs; 23152(a); and 2) Driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood content of .08 % or more.


Depending upon the severity of your DUI charge, including any special circumstance that may include an accident, injury, property damage, or prior convictions, you may face any number of consequences such as:

County jail, State prison for certain felony DUI convictions, informal or formal probation, suspended or revoked license, Cal Trans, community service, MADD, court-ordered Alcohol School, Court Ordered AA meetings, enormous fines, increased insurance rates, and the inability to work if you are incarcerated. Our Firm understands you want your case dismissed. If your case is not dismissed because of the circumstances of your particular case, then let us lighten your burden so you do not have to suffer severe penalties. We go the extra mile no matter how long it takes to make sure nothing is overlooked so that you will not be unduly penalized. Call us now and ask us how.

The DUI Process:

Upon the arrest of DUI, a pink temporary license will be given to you. The license is only valid for 30 days from the date of arrest. You have only ten days to schedule a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your interest is best served when an attorney schedules the hearing and completes this complicated process on your behalf. The firm will keep you updated on all phases of your case.

At the arraignment, your attorney will obtain the police report and any other discovery available. Allow time for your attorney to copy this report and then you will receive a copy from our office. Certain orders may or may not be made by the judge at the first appearance (the arraignment) depending upon the circumstances. If you hire a private attorney, you will not need to appear in court unless your case is filed as a felony.

In all misdemeanor cases, your attorney will appear for you, unless otherwise ordered. If you posted a bond, your paperwork instructs you to appear in court. However, it is interpreted to mean that you need to appear in court unless your attorney appears on your behalf.

Sometimes, numerous appearances will be required in order to keep you out of jail, fight against other unwarranted penalties, get the charge or even the case dismissed if possible, and finally, protect you against zealous prosecution. You will have many questions that we are competent to answer with regards to the entire process from the beginning to the end.

As you can see, the proceedings of a DUI case are substantial and should only be handled by an experienced DUI defense lawyer. If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, you are invited to contact the firm so that we may assist you. We will immediately schedule a DMV hearing and represent you at the hearing.

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